Some Advice If You Want Free Web Traffic.
Before you start a web site, be sure to choose a domain name that
that is the same as a darn good keyword phrase or visa versa.
All popular search engines now gives top priority to keywords that are
used as a domain name. Almost all people starting a web site are not
aware of this. When your domain name is the same as your keyword
phrase then you will be pretty much listed at or near the top of the listing
on all major search engines. If you think this is a bunch of bull, then you
better read this article first.

To anyone who plans to start a web site of any kind. Be sure to select a domain
name that is the same as a keyword choice. For example: Domain name
"" is also a good keyword phrase "Gentle Warmth". The
advantage of doing this is FREE TRAFFIC!!!! When anyone key in the keyword phrase
"Gentle Warmth" into most search engines, there is a very good chance that the website's
url the keyword phrase refers to will come up on the first page of Bing, Google Search,
AOL Search and so on. This may now be hard to do being that most of the good ".com"
domain names are already taken. All I can say is to use google keyword search tool to
find popular keyword terms and then see if they are available as a domain name if you want
free traffic to your web site. I get free traffic to "" without the uses of any
paid SEO, PPC, Search Engine Submissions or just nothing at all.

People often make the mistake of creating a domain name which is unrelated to their web
site content just because the name sounds good. For example, one might choose
"" just because it is available but their website content may be a
wholesale business selling jewelry and clothing. What is a bizzbizzbuzzboo? Nothing wrong
with this as long as your keywords match what you are marketing but you better have a
bizzbizzbuzzboo in stock. But now you have to pay for those keywords relating to jewelry and
clothing on some SEO or PPC advertising program. Good if you were selling some kind of
bizzbizzbuzzboo product then you will make out like a bandit if everybody wanted to get their
hands on a bizzbizzbuzzboo toy and they key in bizzbizzbuzzboo as a keyword into a search
engine and your website comes up on the first page of a search result.

To understand more of what I am trying to say just try this experiment. Think of any
domain name that you know of. Go to that site and view its content. Now select some
keywords that are relavent to that site and enter them into any search engine such as
AOL, Bing or Google Search. Now check the listing to see if that web site's url appears on
any of the first 10 pages or any pages at all. It may appear on page 100 or much higher.
That is not good because the majority of visitors will click off the search before they get to
page 10. Now try keying in the web site url itself into the search engine as a keyword
phrase leaving off the "http//www. and the .com. You will then see that the web site url now
may appears on the first few pages or even at the top of the list of the first page. So next
time before you select a domain name, try it out in Google keyword tool first to see how
popular it is then try to see if it is available as a domain name through any domain name
registration web site. This will require some dedicated homework to find one but it will help
you get more free traffic in the long run. BTW, when you hear about all of those "Get More
Massive Traffic To Your Site for $97" businesses or even some scams believe it or not, this
is one of the secrets that they teach you.

Imagine if you had the keyword phrase "Used Cars" as a domain name "".
You would have thousands of website hits each hour and the best part is that you will
never ever have to pay for web traffic. Install some Google Adsense code and you will
make good money without paying for any traffic at all. In fact, give "Used Cars" a try in a
keyword search and you will see that its url "" will appear on the
first page or even the top of the first page of most search engines results. Try my keyword
"Gentle Warmth" and see where the url http://www.gentlewarmth will appear. Right now it
appears on the first page of Google search for that keyword phrase. Although "Gentle
Warmth" is not a popular keyword search term my site still appears on the first page and I
don't have to pay for any PPC, SEO or search engine submission. It's all free. Believe it or
not many web site newbie's are not aware of this at all and most SEO, PPC and other
traffic source businesses will not tell you this because they want you to pay
them to send traffic to your site. Keep in mind that all domain names becomes a url's
when they are registered which will become accessible by many search engine networks.
So get out there and get creative before someone else beats you to any last
remaining good keyword phrases for a domain name. Please use my banner below
in thanks for providing you this free tip. Thank You. I Use this hosting service to host my
other site Also Cut and Paste "Post Ads Now" into Google
Search and watch what happens.

Next time you perform a Google search you will notice two listings on the page. The list on
the right side of the pages are all sponsored links by advertiser who are paying per click to
have their ads listed there in the top spots. These are the big business owners who can
afford to pay up to $5 or more per click. However the listing on the left side of the page is all
free and open for the taking by anyone. Both rich are poor, experts or novice, young and
old, all have a chance to be at the top spots of the listing but the competition is extremely
high. Only one in several million will get these top spots. The better your keywords and seo
the better are your chances of having your web site listed in the top five. BUT !!!!!!!! Now,
today if you make just your keyword choice your domain name then your web site will shoot
right up to the #1 spot in just a few days. Now, us little guys with a smallsimple looking web
site can have the same chance of being listed at the top just as the big business
ownershave. Like I said. Observe my stupid looking web site here
http://www. Take keyword "Gentle Warmth", space or no space and key it
into Google search, Bing, aol, Internet Explorer etc. It will be listed in the top 10 out of
millions which means very good free traffic.

O. Gaffney
Before You Choose A Domain Name!
Think Free Traffic First.
Think Domain Real Estate.
Think Investment.
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You may ask "How could
this plain website be
worth that much?"
You may ask "How could this plain website be worth that much?"
Well, All you need:
  • A Domain Name.
  • A Web Hosting Company.
  • A simple blog content such as this site about any subject.
  • Some backlinks or affiliate banners.
That is pretty much it. Just advertise to let people know that your
domain name is out there.
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Domain Name Real Estate

Having a domain name of any kind is now like owning valuable real estate. If you have a
domain name you can go to any web site appraisal site to see how much your domain
name or web site is worth. You don't even have to have a high traffic web site or you can
have very little content on your site and your site could be worth over $3,000. If your site
ends with a ".com" extension, that even adds more value to your web site. If you only
have a registered domain name alone it still have some value because the shorter it is
then the more valuable it is especially if it is a common single word such as car, loan,
food, travel, cash and so on. These domain names are already worth millions of dollars
whether they have any web site content or not. You can also have just random characters
such as without a web site and it will still have some value around $100. If "etyrl"
was a real word then you can bet that it would probable be worth over a million dollars.

The most valuable domain name real estate is the ones that end with the ".com". It is the
most popular neighborhood and it has been around for decades follow by ".net", ".org",
".info" You can check the value of any extension by the effect it has on a domain name.
Just enter into any web site appraisal box and it may give a value of $1,478,000.
Now try and it may give a value of $3,400. These value will be different with any
web site appraisal site due to different parameters that are used to determine a web site's
value  but they are generally close.

If you don't have a domain name yet then you should by now. Each day thousands of
domain names or being created and registered and are becoming much harder to find
especially in the ".com" Neighborhood. Even the random characters names containing
just a few character are becoming harder to find. To be true just think of any name that
you can think of no mater how silly it sound and you can bet that there is a 95% chance
that the name is already taken. I came up with crazy names such as ",,, and a lot more and they are
all taken by someone else. There is a good chance that even your own personal name or
family name is already taken forever. Many of them are just parked domain names that
have no web site at all. What is happening is that almost everybody who gets lucky to find
a good domain name have based them on key everyday phrases such as "Blue Sky",
"how are you", "A beautiful day", "Let there be light", "The buck stops here" and so on.
Pretty much all popular or famous single words, phrase and quotes are already taken and
are now some of the most valuable real estate on the internet and in the best
neighborhood such as the ".com".

Another thing one must become aware of is the buying and selling of available domain
names by individual and internet companies. These are practice where a individual will
just go to a domain registration site and just key in any kind of domain name they can
come up with to see if it is available. They then register the domain name with no
intension of ever building a web site with it. After they register it they then set it up to be
sold at an domain name auction or resale site at a higher price. Thousand of domain
names are being taken every day by this pratice. That make it harder for the little guy
who just wants to set up a web site business or blogg find a domain name. Now the little
guy may have to go to a domain name resale site to buy a name at a much higher price
for their web site or just search much harder to come up with their own domain name.

If you plan to start a web site  then it is best to never procrastinate on the subject matter.
The moment a domain name idea comes into mind you should get it registered
immediately. One thing I did was to get the phrase "East Side Access" registered as a
domain name immediately. I came up with the name after hearing about a big railroad
project being proposed for New York City called "East Side Access". I wasted absolutely
no time in getting that name registered as soon as I was able to get on the internet. Now
today the East Side Access Project is now a reality and I own the domain name I also put the name to use as a product wholesale store. I
figured that East Side Access would make a good name for a internet storefront. It sort of
have that New York ring to it,  Eastside, Westside, Downtown etc. Also when the railroad
project is completed I believe that there will be some free traffic to my site as people seek
info about the East Side Access project by doing a Google search with the keyword
phrase "East Side Access". It's a good chance that they will come across my web site
listing. In fact I have already seen my web site listed on the first page of Bing Search, AOL
Search and Google Search. Great!!!

Don't get discourage. Sometimes I had to try out over 50 names in a domain name
search before I found one in the .com neighborhood. I have a web site ""
(Post Ads Now) for posting classified ads. I felt luck because it seemed like any name
related to posting ads were already taken and I was about to spend a few thousand
dollars to buy a domain name from someone else from a site that sells domain name real
estate. Chances are that if you wait too long to start a online business or a bloggs based
on and topic of today then your idea for a domain name is already taken. What may help
and many cases to find a good or any domain name at all is to take a common phrase
and twist the words around for example "Let there be light" which is already taken can be
switch around to say "Let light be there" which I know for a fact that it is not taken as of
the time of this posting. Hey! Lets see if anybody is reading this article and will take "Let
light be there" as a domain name. Worth about $50 as of 7/11/2010. Hey use this banner
below to register it now LOL. Good name for selling Flashlight, Lamps and Lightbulbs.
Get it before someone else reads this article and takes the domain name right from under
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