Important Advice:
Before you buy a cell phone

Know the difference between a
GPS Phone or a E911GPS Phone
or you may be in for a big disappointment.

So you buy your next cellphone. You asked the sales rep if the phone you are buying has GPS and the sales rep say to you not to
worry because all phones have GPS capability. You then buy that phone and take it home and activated it so that you can start
using the GPS with google maps to plan your trip accross the country. You now search your phone all over looking for that GPS
navigation icon only to find that it is not there. The only icon you see for navigation is the Verizon V-Navigator app that you must
download if not ready installed. So you click on that icon only to learn that you have to pay a $9 monthly fee to use the gps. You say
to yourself why should I pay $9 per month when I can just use my phone's GPS which receives it navigation from the GPS  sattelite?
Nope no you can't ...does not receive any signals from the sattelite.

You just been bamboozled !!!
That's what happened to me.

When buying a phone with GPS be sure that the phone has a Stand Alone GPS function in addition to E911GPS locater. It is a very
important different between the two. A stand alone gps phone allows your phone to work as a normal gps navigation system such as
what you would find in a car. It receives its signals from the gps satellites orbiting the earth. On the other hand an E911gps locater
cell phone receives it signals from the cell towers and can not be used for navigation unless you subscribe to a navigation service
such as V-Navigator from Verizon for $9 a month. This service is not as accurate as a GPS satellite service which is accurate to as
little as 20 feet or less. Cell tower navigation can be off as much as a 1,000 feet or more.

E911GPS phones may not have stand alone GPS function but the stand alone GPS phone will have the E911GPS function. The
E911GPS phone is for emergency service that is only activated when dialing 911. Emergency services can then track where you are
to send emergency service to your location. The Verizon DROID X has both stand alone GPS and E911GPS locater.

I highly recommend this phone to anyone before they by a cellphone. You will not realy need your car GPS or handheld GPS
anymore because the DROID X GPS system is fully integrated with Google maps, Google Earth, igoogle Lattitude, weather service
apps and most of all there are tons of apps that you can get that uses your phone's stand alone GPS for navigating related utility
apps, fun and games and more.

The Droid X GPS Advantage Over Other Devices.

There is also another advantage about owning a DROID X cell phone with the GPS over other hand held GPS units. With hand held
GPS units such as TomToms and others is that you must occasionally update the maps by downloading new maps or by ordering a
new chip. The DROID X uses google maps service which is a real time live service that is constantly updating. You can keep track of
traffic condition, road work condition, traffic lane closings in real time, transit system's time and schedules and points of interest.
Even bus stops, train station and metro subway systems information with phone numbers and contact information and addresses
and much much more are listed and updated. No need to worry about your phone GPS sending you around in circles or down a road
that no longer exist or not sending you down a new shortcut street which now exist. You people out there have got to realize that any
smartphone with true GPS has a lot of
awesome power behind it when you set it up right. Best of all, no subscription charges. So
put those TomTomTomToms away and stop buying those expensive GPS devices and get more bang for the buck with your
Try this when you get your new DROID X

Droid X GPS Accuracy Experiment.

1. Download any FREE GPS  apps that will display any compass and gps co ordinance such as "GPS HUNT" app.

2. Go outside with your DROID X and turn on the gps satellite function from your home screen.
3. Wait for the satellite icon to stop flashing.
3. Activate the gps app that you previously downloaded.
4. Mark your current location on the ground where you re standing with any object.
5. Open any compass screen from the DROID X gps app.
5. Now mark your location on your phone's gps according to the gps app instruction.
7. You should now see that your location is marked at the center of the compass's bullseye along with the Lon/Lat of your location
8. Now take a short around the corner or down the street while occasionally glancing at your phone gps screen. You will notice that
your center mark is moving away from the center.
9. Return home while glancing at the screen.
10. Navigate your way back to your original location using ONLY the compass until your the marker on your screen returns back to
the center of your compass's bullseye then stop where you are.
11. At this point you should be standing within 15 feet of the point where you started instead of 100 feet.

Pretty cool GPS accuracy isn't it. Great repeatability.
So make sure that your next smartphone is a DROID X
As you can tell, I am a big Droid X fan.
Out of all of the cellphones I ever owned
I found the Droid X to be my favorite
cellphone. I'm not saying that it is the
best phone because I never owned
every phone to study. I'm just so happy
with it that I decided to just dedicate a
web site for it to share with my family
and friends instead of having to keep
telling eveyone about it over and over

Web Master: Big -O- Gentle Warmth
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